[Libreoffice] Announcing tinderbuild2

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 09:09:16 PDT 2011

So, I've been tinkering with tinderbuild2 for a while, I feel it in a
reasonable shape and is ready to get more exposure....
I've been running my box with it for a while with good success.

tinbuild2 is available in contrib/buildbot
there is a README.tinbuild2, which I hope is usable enough
there is also some overlapping information in the begenning of the
tinderbuild2 script itself.


+ The list of commiter is based on the actual HEADs of the trees and
not time-based, which is more accurate.

+ tinbuild2 can be interrupted and restarted at a later point. it will
not redo a build at start if it is not necessary
that make it very convenient to Ctrl-C  the tinderbuild2, apply a
patch/build-it/test-it/push-it and then just restart the tinderbuild.
(which make it easy to use tinderbuild on a machine that you actually
use... you can use it like a 'screen-saver' :-)

+ the implementation allow for easy os-dependant override and
user-customized steps (new ones and override of existing one).
This was the initial motivation for this script. to be able to add
user/machine specific step, like managing ramdisk into the tinderbox
build cylcle.

+ asynchronous upload of dailes (although that feature as been pushed
down to the push_nightlies.sh script so can be re-use by the current
tinderbuild script)

+ ability to manage more than one build profile. for example you can
stop tinderbuild2, switch branch and restart it with a different
you can also use different profiles just to have different autogen
parameters on the same branch.
When you switch back to the original profile, tinderbuild2 will resume
working as needed (that is it remember where it was for that profile
and will rebuild
at that point, only if needed).

+ for debugging or private use one can choose which emails get send to
whom (you can run a tindeerbuil2 where all the email get sent to you,
which is convenient during
debug on a new platform or just to test your setup)

Note: I have it running on Linux and Mac. window/other platform build
may require the creation of a

Of course feedback, bug-report and even better patches are all welcome :-)


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