[Libreoffice] Doubts on Android cross-compilation

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Thank you for your answers.

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 10:36, Tor Lillqvist <tlillqvist at novell.com> wrote:

> >> *Where* do you get that error? Already when running the top autogen.sh
> > Yes, that's configure, so.. ;)
> But as I am sure you are aware, there are lots of 3rd-party libraries
> involved, for which configure scripts are also run. (Sure, not when using
> --with-system-libs; but not all of these libs are avilable as system ones
> for Android.) So this error can come from some of them, too.

Yes, I get this error when running the top autogen.sh. I also know it's
experimental and I would run into errors soon. Thats what I want to solve :)
I don't have much experience with C++ build or cross-compilation but I want
to focus on that and learn.

> > Well, I doubt completely cross-compiling is not possible anyway
> > unless you wrap the commands which check the current system (like in sal)
> > to use whatever wrapper emulating the environment/ABI (qemu?)
> All such things will have to be found out, one by one, obviously. If you
> look in the Makefile.in at the cross-build-tools target, that lists those
> modules that need to be built natively so far, to get build-time tools to be
> run on the build platform. (Yes, I know that is sub-optimally done
> currently; work-in-progress you see. And once gbuild has spread more, this
> can be done simpler anyway.)
> > Can one get nfs or some remote fs on a rooted phone/tablet? And/or a
> > real big(tm) SD card? Then one could compile on the target hardware,
> > can't one?....
> Nah, let's not be that pessimistic yet.

Yes, I also don't think we'll need such a complex process.

> Read generic cross-compilation documentation for Autoconf ?
> Try to cross-compile some very simple library for Android first to get a
general grip of what is going on.

I'll do these.

Thank you all! I'll keep you up to date.


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