[Libreoffice] Vital Business Proposal.

Harry Vickers har.vicker at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 12 19:22:18 PDT 2011


I am most compelled to contact you due to the urgency and time frame needed to execute this project though I know that this is not the best medium to present this to you. I wish to introduce you to a project that would be of immense benefit to both of us. Being a banker, it is possible that we may be tempted to make funds out of our client's situation; when we cannot help it or left with no better option.

I am presenting to you a case of my client who died without a will of intestate and left Seventeen million Six hundred thousand United States dollars ($17.6million) in the coffers of our bank. It was most unfortunate that he and his supposed next of kin died on the same day in auto-crash. However, I don't belong to that school of thought which proposes that the funds of unlucky people be given to the government as that is the regulation if it is unclaimed.

I therefore seek for your assistance in presenting you as next of kin to the deceased. Please give your response once you receive this email to enable me reveal other details pertaining the claim, the deceased and our country's inheritance procedure.

Harry Vickers

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