[Libreoffice] [GSoC 2011][svgexport] weekly report #3

Marco mrcekets at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 13:19:06 PDT 2011

On Fri, 17 Jun 2011 15:28:32 +0200, Jan Holesovsky <kendy at suse.cz> wrote:

> Hi Marco,

Hi Kendy,

> Marco píše v Po 13. 06. 2011 v 00:33 +0200:
>> == 1 ==
>> Any svg document created by exporting an Impress presentation is
>> navigable through the mouse and the keyboard.
>> == 2 ==
>> It is possible to export any subset of slides from an Impress
>> presentation. To do that you have to switch to the Slide Sorter view
>> and select the slides you want to export. The selection from the
>> Impress Left Pane is not (yet) supported.
>> At present if no slide is selected the whole presentation is exported.
> Very nice! :-)

Thanks a lot!

>> I attached a patch set based on the libreoffice-3-4-0 tag that includes
>> both enhancements.
> Just a very minor issue with your patch - I see that you use tabs in
> some of the new code; please don't ;-)  Use spaces instead (and
> configure your editor to default to that too), we had trouble with tabs
> in the past, so we agreed to use spaces only in the new code.

Sorry for the tab issue I hope to have solved it!

> Having said that - I like your code :-) - and I am looking forward to
> seeing it in master.

So maybe you could be interesting in the new patch,
give a glance to the last report (#4). :-)

>> P.S.: Is there a way to create a single patch file ?
> There is, but I think it is better to keep separate fixes as separate
> patches (and consequently separate commits).
> Should you need that nevertheless, it is "git rebase -i"; have a look at
> "man git-rebase", and search for the interactive rebase.

Ok, thanks for having clarified this point. I'll go on zipping them.


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