[Libreoffice] Need help on Litmus.

Rimas Kudelis rq at akl.lt
Wed Jun 15 02:00:58 PDT 2011

Hi Yifan,

2011.06.15 11:42, Yifan Jiang rašė:
> Hello Rimas,
> I am writing to search for your help about user management on Litmus. The wiki
> of Litmus but didn't give me a hint :(
> Since there may be more people want to contribute to manage test cases in
> Litmus, so I tried to have a look at if the access control works as expected.
> First I set up a dummy (yifanj), then I tried a bit to set my dummy (yifanj)
> role to 'Litmus Test Run/Test Day Administrators', after that, use yifanj to
> login.
> The admin links are located correctly on the left hand panel. But when I click
> them, the existing testcases, groups, subgroups, branches etc. information are
> not 'readable' as empty, thus they cannot be used or edited.
> For example, using my dummy:
>      - click 'manage testcases',
>      - click 'Product' list box,
>      =>  There's nothing inside (there should be a Libreoffice product there)
> Another example:
>      - click 'manage categories',
>      =>  the 'existing branches' list is also empty
> So it could be an obstacle for the case administrator to manage existing
> stuff, which is strange. I see your id is in the 'Litmus Test Run/Test Day
> Administrators' as well, do you see the same thing? Is it something buggy or I
> did wrong?
> I appreciate if you can help, thank you :)

yep, I have the same problem. I was told once how to edit Litmus to fix 
this, but never got to it. I'll try to find that instruction and apply 
it (this evening maybe), but for now, just grant those users global 
admin rights.


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