[Libreoffice] Building libgsf on Mac absolutely necessary ?

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 05:31:05 PDT 2011

Le 17/06/11 13:51, Christian Lohmaier a écrit :

Hi Christian,

> That's another case of "poisoned" environment. You got stuff from
> macports/fink/... installed that causes this.
> In a "clean" environment, i.e. stuff from XCode and nothing else
> unless you manually compiled, you would get

It is a bit of a pain to require a squeaky clean "no ports allowed"
environment just to build LibO, especially when I am trying to work on
other stuff for which ports is useful, and doesn't further the case for
others wanting to build, develop, debug, "do their own thing" with
LibreOffice on OSX.

However, thanks for the pointer to this.

> checking for gconftool-2... no
> configure: WARNING: thumbnailer will not be built, unable to find gconftool-2
> And it wouldn't even attempt to build it.
> So disable macports/fink/... when building LO.

I'll remove gconftool-2 from my ports then and try again. Thanks.


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