[Libreoffice] [SOLVED] Building from master on MacOSX with autogen --enable-ext-wiki-publisher fails in apache-commons

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 05:41:15 PDT 2011

Hi Christian,

Le 19/06/11 13:39, Christian Lohmaier a écrit :
> Hi Alexander, *,
> On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 10:49 AM, Alexander Thurgood
> <alex.thurgood at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just a heads-up, building from master on Mac OSX with
>> --enable-ext-wiki-publisher fails in apache-commons.
> No it does not, both my tinderbox as well as the MacIntel tinderbox
> use the --with-distro=LibreOfficeMacOSX switch, and that enables the
> extension.
> So when it breaks, then it breaks once again because of "poisoned" environment.
> (or it was a very recent change and the bots did not compile it yet)

Further investigation revealed that I had a folder "logging" and
associated make file missing from my apache-commons in my repo, which I
have managed to restore from backup (although I would have thought a git
pull would have sorted that out, it didn't). It had nothing to do with
the installation of my ports environment.


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