[Libreoffice] Litmus testcase structure improvement.

Yifan Jiang yfjiang at novell.com
Tue Jun 21 23:41:57 PDT 2011

TODO List I could think:

    1. Litmus issue of test case manager access control (Thanks for Rimas is
    working on that)

    2. We need to find some place to store test samples attachment of test
    cases (Need help, didn't follow up yet, maybe in git testing repo)?

    3. In DE testgroup, the impress and draw are separated and they got more
    cases than other languages. (Yifan will follow up this)

    4. Update wiki (Not done/assigned yet).

    5. We need feature test writing. I suggest it could be as simple as a link
    to somewhere else, or a brief sentence to tell clearly what the feature
    functions like and where to find it in user space :) Until the feature is
    as important as to be merged into Master Regression branch, we fulfil the
    case in detail. (need to start)

Best wishes,

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