[Libreoffice] [GSoC][performance] patches for prefixing

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Wed Jun 22 01:50:57 PDT 2011

Hi Matus,

On Wed, 2011-06-22 at 09:57 +0200, Matúš Kukan wrote:
> I'm sending some patches to allow prefixes for components and also
> I've done prefixing for some components.

	Awesome :-) This should also be really useful for Tor's drive to
cross-compile to iOS - where we have to statically link ~everything :-)
clearly having non-conflicting symbols will help there.

> It hope it will work also for others. I've done make from clean.
> But when I tried to add prefix for comphelper's component, make check
> was unsuccessful.

	Oh fun :-)

> I don't know why and hope the others are alright.

	This is great.

> And about merging libraries. Maybe we should do this in new branch.
> Not in master. But it's not really necessary if we will take care
> with pushing.

	Yes - that makes sense. I think we really need to spend the time
identifying which we want to merge; and then post a list of libraries we
intend to glup together here first for discussion.

	In fact - it'd be great to get you to the TSC meeting tomorrow to
present what you're up to if you're ok for that ? 14:00 UTC if you're
around (should be a free-phone number).



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