[Libreoffice] Unable to pull

Marc-André Laverdière marc-andre at atc.tcs.com
Wed Jun 22 04:01:09 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I've been unable to pull base. This is what I am getting:

~/libreoffice/bootstrap/clone/base$ git pull -r
error: Unable to find c5a87fa8d45112b9e7c9df773104aeaa13392b14 under 
Cannot obtain needed commit c5a87fa8d45112b9e7c9df773104aeaa13392b14
while processing commit 9eff2f355be364babe6b838164edb178df1799a6.
error: Fetch failed.

Is it happening to others as well? I am using git version
on Fedora 15.

Marc-André Laverdière
Software Security Scientist
Innovation Labs, Tata Consultancy Services
Hyderabad, India

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