[Libreoffice] [GSoC 2011][svgexport] weekly report #5

Marco mrcekets at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 04:25:15 PDT 2011

Hi all,
these are the news from my last report:

== 1 ==
Some small improvement and bug fix.
= i =
Now, only targeted master page are exported.
I noticed that when all slides where exported all master pages where
exported too. That can seem normal but there are cases where some
master page is not targeted by any slide. Since exporting such
not-targeted master page means both a bigger sized exported
presentation (think at the case where the master page background
is a bitmap), and possible unwanted side effect on the behavior of
embedded javascript engine, I decided that is better to export only
targeted master page.
= ii =
All master page objects except the background are grouped in a svg:g
element with class BackgroundObjects and id "bo-" + master page id.
This make more simple to address background objects.
= iii =
Implemented a partial support for exporting a custom background per
each slide. Anyway at present there are several drawbacks; above all:
for tiled bitmap an image element is exported for each tile, this is
really too expensive! These issues are not so simple to fix and I
and Thorsten agree to leave them to a later moment.
On the contrary I'll deviate too much from my original schedule.

== 2 ==
A slide index based on slide thumbnails has been implemented.
At present I tested it on Firefox 4.x and Chrome 12.x
To toggle between presentation mode and slide index mode you have to
press down the "i" key.
= i =
Mouse support: when the mouse is over a slide-thumbnail a blue
border appears around it. When you click on a thumbnail you go
back to the presentation mode and the related slide is shown.
= ii =
Keyboard support: you can navigate between slide-thumbnails by using
the four arrows key, the Home and End key will let you to jump to the
first or last thumbnail respectively. By pressing down the Pg Up and
Pg Down key you will go to the previous and to the next index page.
= iii =
You can increase/decrease the number of thumbnails per index page
by pressing down the "+" and the "-" key. You can reset the number
of displayed thumbnail per index page by pressing down the "0" key.

I attached a patch set based on the libreoffice-3-4-0 tag that
includes all enhancements I implemented until now.

Moreover you can download a sample svg presentation that support
the slide index feature at:


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