[Libreoffice] media export ...

Thomas Arnhold thomas at arnhold.org
Tue Mar 1 10:25:46 PST 2011


On 03/01/2011 06:29 PM, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
> Video in PDF can been done but it must be Flash-video :-)
> So: or:  we need a on the fly conversion, or you havbe accept Flash
> video in the LO documents. I can help to do some research but i am not a
> coder, just a bit off a avandced user.

That sounds really nice. The Media Player already understands flv files,
but the file chooser isn't ready (no possibility to choose flv files).
Somehow I got a flv file added to the document with "All files" as
filter. Wrote this in an earlier mail, this stuff is some out of sync. I
may look at it later.


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