[Libreoffice] Instant Messenger for Libre Office (serverless and open source)

Florian Effenberger floeff at documentfoundation.org
Wed Mar 2 03:35:48 PST 2011

Hello Randolph,

Randolph Dohm wrote on 2011-02-28 14.22:

> I want to suggest that libreoffice gets an open source and serverless
> (maintainance free) Instant Messenger - or even more than that, a
> secure communication platform,
> which allows users in the office to communicate secure. This is done
> over 0.5.1.a Release of
> http://retroshare.sf.net
> http://retroshare.sourceforge.net/downloads.html
> an I want to suggest to make it the libre office Instant Messenger.

I don't think that LibreOffice needs an instant messenger. There are 
plenty of solutions out there, and Jabber is one of the most mature, 
being open source and based on open standards, as well as supporting 

> Can we test this? you need to generate a gnupg key and swap it with
> the chat friend.
> It is working all serverless, over a DHT.

I'm sorry, but we're all just volunteers, and at least I do not have the 
time for this at the moment.

> Please send me your Key and we can chat there about the options of a
> bundle or integration or gui style branding/adjustment.

We do not want to bundle anything, I am sorry.


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