[Libreoffice] Review needed for Python part patch

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 12 02:29:45 PST 2011


Here is a patch for fixing warning/error pychecker in the .py files of 
Could anybody tell me if this is ok (and i can push it myself) or not ?
I already fixed a simple bug (commit 
60b368fa19ced4595bfba8068b1e5769a1be187d) but this time I would like to 
be advised since I don't know Python at all.

There are still warning/errors with pychecker :
Processing module mailmerge (mailmerge.py)...
Processing module officehelper (officehelper.py)...
Processing module pythonscript (pythonscript.py)...


mailmerge.py:377: Function return types are inconsistent
mailmerge.py:379: Function return types are inconsistent

pythonscript.py:11: Should not assign to NONE, it is similar to builtin None
pythonscript.py:659: Instantiating an object with arguments, but no 
pythonscript.py:890: Redefining attribute (getScript) original line (885)

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