[Libreoffice] l10n based on PO files

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 00:03:47 PDT 2011

Hi Christian,

2011/3/14 Christian Lohmaier <lohmaier+libreoffice at googlemail.com>:
>> I don't understand what you mean. When a string changes for example in
>> svx/source/dialog/sdstring.src, then only the small
>> svx/source/dialog.po will be changed not the whole SDF file.
> But you will have to change that po for /every/ language. So you got
> about 100 changes, not just one. (and then you will have another 100
> individual changes when the translation is updated).

Not necessarily. I don't have to update po files for languages which
are not actively maintaned.

> OK, so pootle is the tool used, you don't actually commit the po(t)
> files to the repository after each change. If pootle is mediator
> anyway, I don't see the reason why the english string should be part
> of every po file in the sourcetree.

In order to keep history of translations, too. I have seen cases in
OOo project where a translator messed up the po files in Pootle and
wanted to revert to the last known good file set.

>> Let's imagine I change 1 line in all sdf files (~13 MB each), because
>> I change Oracle to The Document Foundation or whatever. It means that
>> git will add 104 times 13 Megabytes compressed.
> No, that's just not true. You will add 100 times that one line change.

AFAIK git stores full files not differences. See
Besides I saw these large changesets with my own eyes. :) It took
several long minutes to push them.

Best regards,

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