[Libreoffice] suggestion to improve libreoffice writer

abdel ghaffar ettobi ettobi_abdou at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 17 04:41:42 PDT 2011

Dear Team LibreOffice

Firstly I congratulate you for establishing your new company and for the 
tremendous efforts you make to improve Libreoffice.
I am a Moroccan engineer who uses free software that makes a lot of time and 
openoffice, before the onset of LIbreOffice, was one of the solutions I have 
adopted to carry out my work at the office or at home.

My suggestion is to have Libreoffice writer with tabs, for example I hope that 
when I open a new document I will not have a new window, but rather a new tab in 
the same window.

I ask you to consider my request, because I see with this method there will be a 
good ergonomics and greater visibility.

ETTOBI Abdelghaffar

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