[Libreoffice] suggestion to improve libreoffice writer

Steve Edmonds steve.edmonds at pt-global.com
Thu Mar 17 13:06:26 PDT 2011

This is a good point to discuss and I have posted to
discuss at documentfoundation.org also.
I prefer separate windows because I can compare and proof
documents/sheets side by side and mouse focus in linux makes scrolling
without changing window focus possible. I would be disappointed if LO
went to tabs.

May be both options could be supported. The menu "File>Open" could be"
File>Open AS" tab or window. A bit like FF gives you the option.


On 18/03/11 00:41, abdel ghaffar ettobi wrote:
> Dear Team LibreOffice
> Firstly I congratulate you for establishing your new company and for
> the tremendous efforts you make to improve Libreoffice.
> I am a Moroccan engineer who uses free software that makes a lot of
> time and openoffice, before the onset of LIbreOffice, was one of the
> solutions I have adopted to carry out my work at the office or at home.
> My suggestion is to have Libreoffice writer with tabs, for example I
> hope that when I open a new document I will not have a new window, but
> rather a new tab in the same window.
> I ask you to consider my request, because I see with this method there
> will be a good ergonomics and greater visibility.
> Cordially
> ETTOBI Abdelghaffar
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