[Libreoffice] GNU cp dependency

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Mar 21 03:22:22 PDT 2011

Hi Francois,

On Sun, 2011-03-20 at 08:27 +0100, Francois Tigeot wrote:
> It was not luck, there was some conditional code to use either GNU or
> straight cp. It may have been a hack though.

	Hey - well, if we can do a build with your 'cp' that works, then we
should tweak the configure check to cope with that. Patches accepted -
and apologies for the regression, some of these things are almost
inevitable sadly.

	I guess you should read Bjoern's commit:

commit f16cbbb6f5d718d84fee42025535d8441f6f72c8
Author: Bjoern Michaelsen <b_michaelsen at openoffice.org>
Date:   Sun Jan 16 02:56:23 2011 +0100

    gnumake3: #i116440# configure should only use a GNU cp from
coreutils with preserve= support and fall back to POSIX cp otherwise

	in bootstrap/ first.

> I have bigger build issues to tackle for now. Since the new code has fixed
> the gnu cp location issue, I have simply added a --with-gnu-cp knob in my
> autoconf.sh line.




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