[Libreoffice] EasyHack: Ruler/Notes toggling

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue Mar 22 04:39:49 PDT 2011

Hi Robert,

On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 17:49 -0700, Robert Vaccaro wrote:
> I'm new to hacking LibreOffice and would like to implement the Notes
> (comments) toggling easyhack.  Before I begin working on it, is anyone
> else currently working on this?  I don't want to duplicate effort.
>  Also, is this easyhack still relevant from a UI perspective?

	Yes, it is still relevant. And wrt. duplicating effort I see Cor has
some mind-boggling plan to take a mutex on several un-disclosed fun easy
hacks for Thursday; Jan - Cor - if you want to do this - please add a
comment with a date next to the easy hack to avoid confusion (as the
page suggests).

> I plan to stick to simple easyhacks/simple bugs until I get a better
> feel for how everything works.

	So - it sucks to loose that; still - the good news is, that I have some
rather easy things that need doing, that perhaps you could do
instead ? :-)

	The first is to move:


	and clean that up - we don't need to make or install a 'pagein' binary
I think after my re-work.

	Another simple hack, that might help startup time for some would be to
add some simple type detection for common file extensions per component

	desktop/unx/source/args.c (args_parse)

	it would be great if this could do some simple work on extensions; eg.

	.odt / .fodt / doc / .docx should result in a @pagein-writer argument
getting returned. etc. [ we only really need that for the common cases

	This is one of the pieces that cannot be symlinked, so after running:

	'build' in desktop/ (source LinuxIntelEnv.Set.sh first)

	you'll need to do:

cp -af unxlngi6.pro/bin/ooqstart /path/to/install/program/ooqstart.bin

	And then to test the pagein you'll want to do:

	strace -f -e file ./soffice /tmp/foo.doc 2>&1 | grep pagein

	to see if it got the right pagein file :-)

	How does that sound ? is that something do-able ? [no one else has
it ;-].

	Of course, if you're not interested it'd be great to add them to the
easy hacks page.

	Anyhow - really great to have you involved, and looking forward to
seeing what you get up to :-) [ it is of course far cooler to have
people interested in improving the UI IMHO etc. ;-]

	Thanks !


 michael.meeks at novell.com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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