[Libreoffice] Getting Involved. Problem with ODIAPI

Guto Maia guto at guto.net
Tue Mar 22 06:58:14 PDT 2011


Really thanks for the answer. That is the impression that I had.

I believe that the files:

Are useless now, same for the directory they were in.
I've made a patch with two commits removing then both. The patch is
And as usual, under LPGLv3+/MPL !


PS: Is there any guide that could help newbies on the project to understand
the whole architecture and the build process? There are a lot of thing that
I'm still trying to understand. I'm trying to use the tests as a guide, but
some of then aren't helping much.

2011/3/22 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at redhat.com>

> On Fri, 2011-03-18 at 13:56 -0300, Guto Maia wrote:
> > However, I wasn't able to find the odiapi described in some tests on
> > the "filters/writerfilter/qa/cppunittests/*"
> > like on: #include <odiapi/xxml/XXmlReader.hxx>
> Looks like the odiapi stuff was removed quite a while ago, leaving the
> tests behind untouched. Fridrich (from the logs) seems have helped out
> at the time, so maybe he remembers if there was a migration path from
> xxml to something else.
> Some of the tests seem to test xxml itself, which suggests that what
> they test doesn't exist anymore so at least some of them presumably
> should be removed entirely rather than adapted.
> C.

Guto Maia
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