[Libreoffice] translate_toolkit build failure on MacOS

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 07:41:56 PDT 2011

Le 27/03/11 18:24, Norbert Thiebaud a écrit :
> translate_toolkit seems upset that we build for a 10.4 target despite
> being on a 10.6 machine...

FWIW, I get failed build on OSX in translate_toolkit too, but different
error message :

UserWarning: contains 3 lines (should be 2 at most): languages {'fr':
<translate.storage.oo.ooline object at 0x102638e10>, 'en-US':
<translate.storage.oo.ooline object at 0x1006ca990>}

and several others like it referring to different objects. Is the input
file carrying a tab or newline character ?


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