[Libreoffice] REMINDER: libreoffice-3-4 branch and feature freeze

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Mar 31 07:17:29 PDT 2011


as discussed on the last steering call, we are finally approaching the
LO-3.4 feature freeze and going to branch libreoffice-3-4 from master
tomorrow, April 1.

It will help us to stabilize the code for the final 3.4 release and keep
git master open for features, code clean up, and other funny things.

Commit rules for the libreoffice-3-4 branch:

+ change type:
	+ only bugfixes allowed
+ approval:
	+ no approval needed during beta phase (two weeks after branch)
        + 1 approval needed during rc phase
        + 2 approvals with different/no affiliation needed for late
+ strategy:
	+ enough to commit bugfixes into the branch; it will be
          regularly merged into master by a selected person

Best Regards,

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