[Libreoffice] testDataPilot unit test breaks in sc

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Mon May 2 07:08:04 PDT 2011


    Expected: Sum - Score  Actual: जोड़ - Score
    Test name: N12_GLOBAL__N_14TestE::testDataPilot
    assertion failed
    - Expression: false
    - Unexpected cell content.

Many of us have seen this. But it is still a problem in libreoffice-3-4
with all langs configured in, despite Kendy's patch in the bootstrap
repo (249ba40ac1155b88f3e3345bceef2513c3a3ac13).

This unit test expects that the UI is in English. Two English strings
are hard coded into this test: Sum and Total.

sc	source\ui\src\globstr.src	0	string	RID_GLOBSTR	STR_FUN_TEXT_SUM
sc	source\ui\src\globstr.src	0	string	RID_GLOBSTR	STR_PIVOT_TOTAL

I straced the run of the unit test and I did not understand that I saw.
It opened and read .res files in various languages instead of en-US.


BTW the failing string (जोड़) came from scsat.res.

This is how far I got...


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