[Libreoffice] [ANNOUNCE] libreoffice- tag created (3.4.0-beta4)

Friedrich Strohmaier damokles4-listen at bits-fritz.de
Wed May 4 13:44:17 PDT 2011

Hi Thorsten, *,

Thorsten Behrens schrieb:
> Friedrich Strohmaier wrote:
>> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36437

>> didn't go in??

>> That's very sad, as it is already fixed.

> Version was planned as rc initially, where the fix would not be
> useful.

Agreed, same assumption from my side. But where was the decision to
release one more beta made public? I couldn't find any hint in this
list, so no chance to step in - not for me, not for most of the 10 more
people of cc-list.

> Sometimes not all constraints can be satisfied - and the bug
> you quote is there since last September, and only recently reported.

Fix was committed saturday last week:

and was not pushed to 3.4 tree because Andras expected no more beta.

If I look at 

affected Distros (at least)
* Mandriva 2010.2
* Debian Lenny
* Ubuntu 10.4
* Ubuntu 10.10
* Fedora 14
* Fedora 15
* Puppy (not sure what version, wasn't mentioned)

I really wonder why within this user group - I'm one of them - the
defect could stay undiscovered. Those users have a high rate of
technical experienced ones - apparently they don't think of doing tests
for whatever reason. 

I personally wait(ed) for the fix of this bug as for me testing is - as
hacking for hackers - fun stuff :o)) Braking my installation while
testing is no fun. Parallel using with no chance to go back without pain
in case of failure is no fun. So testing at all: no fun.

As our QA is very "basic", we should use every chance of involving more
eyes looking, which especially this bugfix will enable.

So simply: more fun while testing, more testing, less undiscovered Bugs.

For me it looks like the above bug could have been integrated without
too much trouble, if only it was on the radar of someone involved. This
was only a matter of poking. No chance to do so for people who cared.

But maybe all my esimation fails.

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