[Libreoffice] Create a "dynamic" dropdown menu with uno and python

Noel Power nopower at novell.com
Thu May 5 01:50:53 PDT 2011

Hi Günter
On 30/04/11 12:56, Günter Heinendirk wrote:
> And here my "real" problems started:
> I want to have a dropdown element in the toolbar, which allows to 
> choose between the available custom slide shows. Since I didn't know, 
> which custom slide shows are existing, I need to fill the dropdown 
> element "dynamically" during loading of the presentation.
It's possible to add a menubutton to a toolbar ( I think it might need 
to be a custom toolbar ) using an api enhancement I did some time ago, 
its been integrated in openoffice for quite some time so it also should 
work in libreoffice, you can find more details and an example/sample in 
this bug http://openoffice.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=105626
Alternatively you could use the so-called 'complex' toolbar controls, a 
c++ example lives here
be-warned though, it is truly awesome in it's awfulness combining 
obscure incomprehensible configuration and a mumbo-jumbo command based 
interface for manipulating the controls[1]  some unhelpful documentation 
can be found here [2]



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