[Libreoffice] First build resumed but failed on incomplete dependancies

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier+libreoffice at googlemail.com
Fri May 6 13:37:57 PDT 2011

Hi Peter,

On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 10:08 PM, Peter Teeson <peter.teeson at bell.net> wrote:
> On 2011-05-06, at 12:05 PM, Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> [...]
>> I still think something is wrong with your ccache-setup.  Please post
>> what the variable CXX and CC are set to in the MacOSX*Env.Set.sh
>> file/what compiler command is actually used.
> Last login: Fri May  6 15:52:58 on ttys000
> Gandalf:~ pteeson$ cd git/libo
> Gandalf:libo pteeson$ source ./MacOSXX86Env.Set.sh
> Gandalf:libo pteeson$ env
> .............
> CXX=/usr/bin/g++-4.0
> CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.0
> .......

OK, no ccache, but real compiler. you're not using ccache at all.

>> How did you setup ccache? Using symlinks or by passing environment
>> variables?
> Installed ccache from the downloaded tar.bz2 file which was unpacked into a
> folder labelled ccache-3.1.4.
> From the Terminal I did
> ./configure
> make
> make install

If that is all, you installed ccache, but no build will use it.

To use it you must either set symlinks of the compiler's name to
ccache and put those links in a
path that is searched before the real compiler (that is how I have it
setup), or you need to set CC="ccache gcc-4.0" and CXX="ccache
g++-4.0" It's described in the manpage.

Also for LO, you should increase the size of the cache from the
default of 500MB to 1GB or more

> NOTE: From log of last ./autogen.sh which I just ran (without
> --enable-cache-skip)echo.
> NOTE: I get these same lines whether or not --enable-cache-skip is passed to
> autogen.

No, you will never get the same configure output.

If you explicitly enable it, configure will print
"checking whether we are allowed and able to use --ccache-skip... yes
- enabled explicitly, skipping checks" and not do the probing as shown

Maybe you're talking about something else?
If it is the CC and CXX entries: Yes, the ccache-skip doesn't have any impact.

The difference in the environment is that once the environment
variable USE_CCACHE will be set to true in the "enabled" case, and not
set (explicitly unset) when it is not enabled.

> NOTE: Perhaps this is the nub of the problem?

> checking whether we are allowed and able to use --ccache-skip... probing...
> checking for ccache... /usr/local/bin/ccache checking whether version of
> ccache is suitable... no configure: ccache version 3.1.4 not accepted. See
> description for --enable-ccache-skip
> What next?

So it rejects ccache - but still uses it. That would be a bug (but I
think you didn't clear your environment in your previous re-tries -
and it was re-using your previous configure arguments even when you
didn't explicitly specify anything on the autogen.sh run)

If after this configure run, MacOSX*Env.Set.sh contains export
USE_CCACHE=TRUE, then it is a bug. If instead it is part of the "unset
<lots of variables>" line, then the configure check is all OK, and the
build should not fail like it did anymore.


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