[Libreoffice] Variable 'bFreePixmap' is not assigned a value in vcl/unx/source/gdi/salbmp.cxx

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sun May 8 06:09:46 PDT 2011


I found this with cppcheck :
[vcl/unx/source/gdi/salbmp.cxx:795]: (style) Variable 'bFreePixmap' is 
not assigned a value
The result is
I've searched in the history, it has been added with the commit : 
9bf0a742366659d7945383592fc4c59f64579f87 (15/09/2010).
I suppose bFreePixmap should store the result of a method but I don't 
know which one.


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