[Libreoffice] How to get cell vertical orientation property?

Alexander O. Anisimov alenyashka at gmail.com
Wed May 11 03:14:39 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I need to work with cells in text tables using UNO API from Java.

XCell xCell = xCellRange.getCellByPosition(j, i);
> XPropertySet cellSet = UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XPropertySet.class,
> xCell);
> int v = (short) cellSet.getPropertyValue("VertOrient");

In default text table, value of VertOrient property is 0, which equal to
VertOrientation.NONE. But in fact, when I open LibreOffice Writer, all cells
in table have top vertical alignment.

Why is it so? And how can I get vertical orientation of cell properly?

Thanks in advance.

.''`.  With best regards,
: :' : Alexander Anisimov
`. `'  JID alenyashka at gmail.com
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