[Libreoffice] [ANN] Preview builds of 3.4 Beta 5 available

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Wed May 11 05:10:09 PDT 2011

Hi *,

for beta 5, we're now uploading builds to a public (but non-mirrored
- so don't spread news too widely!) place, as soon as they're
available. Grab them here:


If you've a bit of time, please give them a try & report *critical*
bugs not yet in bugzilla here, so we can incorporate them into the
release notes. Please note that it takes approximately 24 hours
to populate the mirrors, so that's about the time we have to collect

Known issues so far:

+ The update from libreoffice-3.4.0betaX packages does not work on
  Linux. Please, remove the older beta packages before.

+ The linux packages can be installed in parallel with LO-3.3
  packages (fdo#36551). It required to rename the libreoffice3-*
  packages to libreoffice3.4-*. Also the desktop integration packages
  can be installed in parallel. It required to rename the wrapper from
  "libreoffice" to "libreoffice3.4"

+ The Debian packages use lower release number "5" instead of "103".
  The number "5" has been used for RPMs and Windows installer
  release numbers for a long time. It is bumped for each official 

Currently, debs, rpms, and Mac packages are available, or currently
uploading. Win32 will take some more time, this platform is usually
slowest to build.

The list of fixed bugs in this release is here:


So playing with the areas touched there also greatly appreciated -
and validation that those bugs are really fixed.

Thanks a lot for your help,

-- Thorsten
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