[Libreoffice] ExcelToSc / ExcelToSc8

Chr. Rossmanith ChrRossmanith at gmx.de
Fri May 13 13:38:50 PDT 2011

Quick answer  :-) Thank you!
>> at the moment I'm having a look at ExcelToSc and ExcelToSc8 and have the
>> feeling that there is some amount of duplicate code...
>> During comparison of methods ExcRelToScRel and ExcRelToScRel8 I've
>> wondered if it shouldn't be nRow instead of nC in the initialisation of
>> bRowRel:
> No, that code is correct.  In the Excel binary format, both column and
> row flags are stored in the (unused) higher bits of the column index
> bytes.
And it changed with versions? In ExcRelToScRel() I find

         if( nRow & 0x4000 )


         if( nRow & 0x8000 )

I'd expect nCol with your explanation from above...


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