[Libreoffice] [GSoC] weekly report #-1

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at gmail.com
Sun May 15 16:14:48 PDT 2011


I've created minimalistic patch (see attached) to enable moving
res/commandimagelist to cmd. It's now working, although there's one

If something should be done with the perl scripts in packimages/pack/makefile.mk
I would remove diffmv.pl because I don't see any reason for it's
existence, although there may be some.
It's just moving file1 to file2 if they differ otherwise file1 is kept
and I don't see reason for keeping that file.
And also remove sort.pl because it is sorted anyway in packimages.pl.
(see attached patch)

The problem is with previously mentioned sc_helperdialog in
There is:
ImageBitmap = Bitmap { File = "commandimagelist/sc_helperdialog.bmp"; };
and I don't know where is decided where to find commandimagelist
folder. So possible solutions:
 - move sc_helperdialog into res/ and replace with File =
"sc_helperdialog.bmp"; like other images.
 - keep commandimagelist folder with just that one file
 - look deeper into code and try to change something but this could be hard.
 - maybe other ideas
I prefer first option.

And I was thinking if all the files in images.zip are used and whether
is it possible to find out if they are. If there are many unused, to
remove them could help too.
And which set of images is used in program? Is it decided at runtime?

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