[Libreoffice] [GSoC] weekly report #-1

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon May 16 12:26:06 PDT 2011

Hi Matus,

On Mon, 2011-05-16 at 01:14 +0200, Matúš Kukan wrote:
> I've created minimalistic patch (see attached) to enable moving
> res/commandimagelist to cmd. It's now working, although there's one
> problem.

	Great; so - of course the framework code would need changing to find
those images at run-time (surely) ? :-)

> I would remove diffmv.pl because I don't see any reason for it's
> existence, although there may be some.

	Heh :-) I -think- this is because we have a .PHONY target for
that .ilst file - so it is executed each time, but we don't want to
re-pack the images*.zip files each time we run build in that module :-)
so - we need some better solution (prolly not a phony rule eg.).

> ImageBitmap = Bitmap { File = "commandimagelist/sc_helperdialog.bmp"; };
> and I don't know where is decided where to find commandimagelist
> folder. So possible solutions:

	I think this is just a broken path; so just put the right path in ;-)
does that work ?

>  - look deeper into code and try to change something but this could be hard.

	most likely it is broken already - and just needs fixing.

> And I was thinking if all the files in images.zip are used and whether
> is it possible to find out if they are. If there are many unused, to
> remove them could help too.

	In theory (AFAIR) we use the .ilst files to work out which images are
used in .src files and include those into images.zip rather than zipping
them all up.

> And which set of images is used in program? Is it decided at runtime?

	Yes - the theme is chosen inside vcl/ git grep for TANGO in there
(eg.) :-)

	Anyhow - a great start - with patches for the framework/ and other
sites I pointed out this can be merged to master I think.

	Thanks !


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