[Libreoffice] minutes of tech. steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu May 19 10:13:56 PDT 2011

	Thorsten, Andras, Kendy, Norbert, Christian, Petr,
	Rainer, David, Bjoern, Kohei

* AA's done
	+ announce new 4.0 wiki page (blog going live today) (Bjoern)
	+ write list of things that suck for newcomers with taste (Mitch / Christian)
	+ write up a time-based release rational (Italo mostly did it for Michael)
	+ move all 'feature' bugs to new "most annoying for 3.5" bug (Petr)
		+ list mailed with the number etc.
	+ Petr to decide and come up with a static link of key bugs (Petr)
	+ come up with a concrete single-git-repo plan (Norbert, Kendy)
		+ do the surgery at 3.4.2 time when merging is over (ish)
	+ generate a preferred date for a point-two release (Petr, Bjoern, David)

* AA still pending:
        + research when gio came into widespread being (Caolan)
                cf. http://www.gtk.org/download-linux.html
        + the rdb setup stuff is still too cumbersome (Bjoern)
	+ get SmartArt into master as an experimental feature (Thorsten)
	+ investigate reviewboard and come up with a more concrete proposal (Bjoern)
	+ post single-git-repo plan to the dev list (Norbert)

* Agenda:
	+ Action items
	+ 3.4 release status (Petr)
		+ RC1 going out ~now
		+ large number of annoying bugs fixed
		+ basic functionality is working well for users
		+ RC2 / final next week
	+ chasing tripple reviews for patches for 3.4.0
		+ be great to broaden our reviewer base
	+ TSC call time ...
AA:		+ 14:00 UTC - the new consensus time (get it right next time)
	+ QA update / most annoying bug skim (Rainer)
		+ where should bugs live ? links to other tracking systems
			+ bugs should be in freedesktop bugzilla where possible
			+ sometimes good to have triage via up-streams ?
		+ lots of co-workers doing great work, testing happening
		+ responsiveness improving
	+ investing in gnumake / Lanedo
		+ no objections at all.
	+ 3.5 / schedule alignment with desktop cadence
		+ should sync with majority of distros & D/T S/W
			+ and release 2-3 months before them
			+ so distributions pick up x.y.2 or x.y.3
		+ 2-3 months before
			+ Freeze Dec / June
			+ release mid Feb / mid Aug
		+ June is too soon to freeze for 3.5
			+ so skip to Dec instead
		+ schedule allows for QA over holidays
AA:		+ fill out the wiki with the proposed post-3.4 schedule (Petr)
AA:	+ look into a plan for notifing of package updates (Thorsten, Kendy)
	+ Mitch / Christian's list of things that suck (Christian)
		+ multiple git repositories pain (being fixed)
		+ make crashing (make bug ~fixed)
		+ used to developing on a branch & testing first
		+ problems with waiting for a full clean build before commit
			+ delay, and waste of time often outweighs benefits
			+ understandable some cross-platform problems
		+ incremental building problems: cause much build grief
			+ update, and build fails: can be just dependency breakage
			+ gnumake again can help fix this.
		+ module filenames (cryptic, windows names)
			+ split modules with numeric prefixes - to help compilers
			+ should have human-readable source file names
			+ classes always used together - can make sense together
		+ autogen is triggering when new downloads needed
			+ even so old-style make dependency problems around
		+ namespaces painful: com::sun:star:: ... cluttering header files
			+ planned to fix for 4.0

* Next time:
	+ continue most-annoying things discussion (Mitch)
	+ own extensions repository  (Rainer)
	+ discussion concerning discussion concerning
          future of our bug tracking System (Rainer)
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