[Libreoffice] Bug fdo36158 - EasyHack: UI:Find&Replace dialog "Notes" instead of "Comments"

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sat May 21 16:01:45 PDT 2011


1) I found that "Notes" was in svx/source/dialog/srchdlg.src, the text 
of "CheckBox CB_NOTES" (line 310)
So, it could be changed there except that CB_NOTES should be changed in 
With Opengrok, I searched all the CB_NOTES, there are some in svx, 1 in 
testautomation and 1 in helpcontent2 ; easy to do.

2) The pb is CB_NOTES and the translations should be changed in l10n too.
a) I don't know how to change CB_NOTES from l10n module (they don't 
appear in the "dev repository")
b) Except French translation, how to have quickly all the translations ?

I prepared the part 1 (ready to commit and push) but it would break the 
build because of part 2. Any idea what should it be for this ?


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