[Libreoffice] [LibreOffice][GSoC 2011][svgexport] build issue: "libvcllx.so: undefined symbol: _ZN3utl10ConfigItemC2ERKN3rtl8OUStringEs"

Marco mrcekets at gmail.com
Sun May 22 15:10:07 PDT 2011

after the last "pull -r && make all" when I start soffice I got the
following error:
"libvcllx.so: undefined symbol: _ZN3utl10ConfigItemC2ERKN3rtl8OUStringEs"
the library belongs to the vcl module, the symbol:
"utl::ConfigItem::ConfigItem(rtl::OUString const&, short)"
to the unotools module.

In first place I tried:
"make -sr clean && make -sr" in unotools and
"deliver -delete && rm -Rf unx* && build && deliver" in vcl
followed by a new "make all".
No luck the error remain

After asking for help on the IRC channel I tried:
"build --prepare --from solenv && build --all" in vcl
followed by a new "make all"
The error still remains.

So what should I try now ? A "make clean && make all" ?
Is it better that I remove manually some folder ?

-- Marco

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