[Libreoffice] Please, review the patch to baside2b.cxx on 17-Feb-2011

Clio menenem at bk.ru
Mon May 23 09:04:09 PDT 2011

23.05.2011 05:17, Noel Power пишет:
> But, it seems in summary Cntrl+Z didn't enable the toolbar redo, Andreas
> made some patch and it it didn't fix things completely, I hope that is
> an accurate.
> Now we move onto bug https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37405
> which you think is somehow related to the patch you mention. Have you
> tried without it ? because somehow I doubt that it could be responsible
> for it.

You are right. I tried to comment the line, and the bug remains as 
before (the crash is reproducible too). Sorry.

> So, as to whether it makes sense to just remove this (
> especially as a point of urgency ) is debatable.

I agree. There some cleanups and translations seem to be overwritten. 
But the file from LibO 3.3.2 is unfit for 3.4 as well.


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