[Libreoffice] LibreOffice 3.4 Release Notes

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Sun May 29 14:28:16 PDT 2011

Hi Marc, all,

[ ooops what a terrible cross post, four lists ;-)
   I skipp the project and website list for the moment
   and IMO follow ups for my subject (see below)
   should be at marketing preferably
   devs with an relevant opinion can either join or
   hire a gohst writer ;-)

Marc Paré wrote (27-05-11 16:57)

> It's time that we get on with creating the page on the main site. So
> unless anyone is going to offer to create/design the page, I'll take
> care of it. I have not had a lot of practice at Silverstripe, so you
> will have to be patient with me.
> We have worked on the screenshot protocols which have now been put on
> the website wiki pages[1] (thanks to Klaus! and all other for their
> comments). BTW ... .png's will be the format to use. We will have to
> point this out to the translation teams for when they take their
> screenshots.
> * I will follow the same format as on the "New Features and Fixes" web
> pages[2]. If I understand it correctly, we are to have a 3.4 webpage and
> a 3.3.2 webpage (essentially what we have now on the "New Features and
> Fixes webpage). These pages will be used by website visitors to compare
> the features between both versions of LibreOffice. We are not comparing
> to MSO nor OOo. So, IMO, both pages should have the same page format so
> that our visitors feel comfortable moving from one page to the other.
> Any comments before I jump in? Any comments?

What I want to stress, is that we need to explain, and show
  - the release rationale:
    point zero release is only for ..., and not for ...
  - plus that IMO we must at least for point zero releases
    the knows nasty bugs
On the current release notes page those are not visible. I propose to 
change that.

Kind regards,

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