[Libreoffice] Undoing basis/brand split in 3.5

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Thu Oct 6 02:48:38 PDT 2011

On 09/20/2011 03:11 PM, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> As recently announced on #libreoffice-dev, I consider undoing the
> basis/brand layer split. Historically, this was introduced at Sun to
> make it possible for various products (plain OpenOffice.org, Brasilian
> BrOffice re-branding, Sun's proprietary StarOffice, ...) to share code
> that is only built, packaged (into platform specific package formats
> like rpm, deb), and quality-checked once.
> With LibO today, there is no real need for that split any longer, so it
> only complicates our code base. I would undo it in incremental steps
> directly on master (unless I hit temporary problems that cannot be
> worked around easily and that force me on a branch of my own). One
> consequence would be that the 3.5 package and file system layout would
> differ rather substantially from the 3.4 one (so that, e.g., using some
> form of delta packages to upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5 would not be a good
> idea, if anybody wanted to do something like that anyway).
> (There is also a URE/rest split, which I will not touch for now. At
> least Debian seems to be interested in having a stand alone URE on top
> of which sits a LibO alongside potentially more apps.)
> So, if you see any issue with this, please make yourself heard.

So that the following quote from #libreoffice-dev does not get lost: 
"Oct 05 14:03:57 <sberg> heads up: I notice that 
bin/distro-install-file-lists intimately knows which files are found 
where within an installation; much of that changes now that I reunite 
basis and brand layer (but changes will come in piecemeal); is it OK if 
I leave that file as is for now, and each distro revisits it once the 
basis layer is gone?"


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