[Libreoffice] [RFC] hard dependencies on 3rd party libraries

Tomáš Chvátal scarabeus at gentoo.org
Thu Oct 6 14:26:18 PDT 2011


I was lately wondering why all the new features / dependencies are
handled as required unconditionaly.

Would it not be possible to add specific with/without switches for
features that require 3rd party libs?

Like cups/cmis/visio/wpd/... so users could choose which features they
really want in during the compile, making the build smaller if they
want to.
I am not saying that we are to backport all the switches right away,
but with disappearance of --with-cmis it occured to me that we add
even new libraries as hard dependencies.

I also know that you can say that we can unbundle this on runtime, but
then again I am gentoo dev so we need this kind of optionality on
build time, and I bet we are not the only ones.

Of course all the switches would be in enabled state by default. If
you are afraid of breakages that would not be noticed i can quite
ensure you that I am capable of running tests for on/off for each
swich weekly.



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