[Libreoffice] [RFC] hard dependencies on 3rd party libraries

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Fri Oct 7 00:15:18 PDT 2011

> Would it not be possible to add specific with/without switches for
> features that require 3rd party libs?

We already have too much configurability.

Remember, each new binary enable/disable or with/without switch we add
doubles the number of combinations that we should test. Yeah, dream
on, we all know that we won't be doing that, so each new binary option
is then a potential problem when somebody in the future decides to use
a combination nobody else has tried.

> so users could choose which features they
> really want in during the compile, making the build smaller if they
> want to.

"users" ? You must have a different definition of "user" than I have.

Is our target market (= "users") really people who don't plan to do
any code fixes or additions, but do want to be able to boast how they
have built their own LibreOffice a bit more lightweight than that from
their distro!

> i can quite
> ensure you that I am capable of running tests for on/off for each
> swich weekly.

And for each platform, and for a representative selection of distros
in the Linux case?


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