[Libreoffice] QA session at LibreOffice conference

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Mon Oct 10 21:36:25 PDT 2011


I will no be there and am not involved into any preparations, so I do 
not know what we are talking about. Unfortunately this and next week my 
job only will leave few time for LibO activity.

> [...] And usually it also are ad hoc contributions that I
> make.

As we all - more or less, and I believe that's a problem we have. 
Whether a bug will reach the fixing process is rather "by pure chance", 
not the result of a reliable process.

> So talking about "Improving the Development / QA cycle" ... I feel I do
> not have enough real knowledge.

Me too, I've just started to think about that. Currently I know from my 
that approximately 80 Bugzilla bugs per day have any changes. The 
average is that approximately 6 bugs will be terminated by a fix, being 
recognized as duplicate or something else.
15 per day are new reports, see following weekly statistic
but what exactly is the other activity, is that methodical or 
accidently, is there a possibility to organize the process more efficient?

I'm thinking about that and hope that we can discuss that soon in a 
group of users with significant QA / Bug confirming activity. 
Preparations are on the way (with very small steps).

> But then Rainer would be at least as good as me for that?

I'll be absent, sigh ...

Hope you will have some interesting days,



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