[Libreoffice] --enable-pch

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Mon Oct 17 06:12:41 PDT 2011

On 17/10/11 13:11, Michael Stahl wrote:
> On 17/10/11 12:15, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>>> does anybody know why on MSVC builds --enable-pch is not on by
>>> default?
>> Don't know at what stage it was turned off, or whether it has ever
>> been on by default. Anyway, support for precompiled headers in a
>> MSVC build has presumably bit-rotted fairly badly by now. I recall
>> when precompiled headers was discussed maybe a year ago, and people
>> were saying that it should be used because it speeds up the build a
>> lot. I tried then, and eventually in some modules it was so broken
>> that I just gave up, had other things to do...
> hmm... sounds bad.

but that was before removetooltypes, right?

>> How would precompiled headers interact with how we generate
>> dependencies (the -showIncludes switch, with output piped to a
>> Perl script), for instance?
> so we don't use makedepend any more?
> hmmm... no idea what showIncludes would do in the presence of PCH.
> would be interesting to know if the PCH plus makedepend is
> slower/faster than no PCH plus showIncludes.

aunt google told me this:


> One interesting note about /showIncludes is that it will not show
> anything you include with your precompiled headers. It only works on
> active includes placed after your precompiled header file directive.
> You can turn on /showIncludes by going to Project | Properties |
> C/C++ | Advanced.

perhaps it is possible to use both showIncludes and PCH.

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