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Hello Michael and the dev team,

The link provided is a big system, its overwhelming and I may be too new to be at the developer's level.

May I know the directions to take on creating extensions?
(URL http://tboxmy.blogspot.com )

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Hi Nicholas,

On Tue, 2011-10-18 at 22:57 +0200, Andreas Mantke wrote:
> Nicholas wrote:
> > I have experience in Java, PHP and C. Please advice how I can
> > get started to create LibreOffice extensions and if there are
> > any mentors available.

    I suspect this very much depends on what you want to do :-) What sort
of functionality do you want to provide with an extension ? often the
best, quickest, cleanest, smallest and easiest way is to do that as part
of the core product; or to do part of it in the core - adding new
extension points as you do that.

    So - can you expand on what you want to do ? in the meantime getting a
build would be a good idea (easiest on Linux), instructions here:


    All the best,


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