[Libreoffice] IDL "hyper" / Java "long"

MarcinGutman mgutman at op.pl
Fri Oct 21 15:42:32 PDT 2011

> Calc add-ins do not support functions that take or
> return UNO type hyper.
> .. however, it should work if the .idl file instead
> uses unsigned hyper ...
This is why I started this topic.
Moreover, NetBeans Wizard for Calc add-ins shows Java "int" and this is
mapped correctly as "long" in IDL. But there is no Java "long". You have
to choose "double" or "Object". On the other hand "unsigned hyper" works
fine. So, why there is "int" in Wizard... use double instead.

If you write a code and you want "long" you use "long" not "double" with

Am I the first one who wants "clean long" in Calc add-in?  

- Marcin

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