new gdb pretty printers in master

David Tardon dtardon at
Sun Apr 1 07:39:37 PDT 2012

Hi all,

over the past few days I knocked together pretty printers for some boost
stuff. I have created a project for it at (in (probably vain) hope it
will be used (and useful) outside libreoffice...), but, for convenience,
I have added it into libreoffice tree too. There are printers for:

* Optional:
 - optional

* Pointer Container
 - ptr_deque
 - ptr_list
 - ptr_map
 - ptr_multimap
 - ptr_multiset
 - ptr_set
 - ptr_unordered_map
 - ptr_unordered_multimap
 - ptr_unordered_multiset
 - ptr_unordered_set
 - ptr_vector

* Smart Ptr
 - scoped_ptr
 - shared_ptr
 - weak_ptr

* Unordered
 - unordered_map
 - unordered_multimap
 - unordered_multiset
 - unordered_set

It works automagically--all you need to do get it is

    make -sr solenv && make -sr solenv.deliver

to update the autoloaders.

If you want to contribute, please do not commit directly into
libreoffice (because your change would be overwritten the next time I
update the stuff), but send me a patch.


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