[Libreoffice] GSoC 2012 - Improving Impress svg export filter

Marco Cecchetti mrcekets at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 12:55:51 PDT 2012

Hi Thorsten, everyone,
I'm going to apply to GSoC again this year for LibreOffice.

Follows a first draft of my project proposal, I'm looking
forward for feedbacks before of submitting it on the GSoC
web-site. The proposal include a tentative time-line.

Personal Details

I am a student in mathematics at university of Pisa (Italy).
I will be available for the project in the official time-line
period (May 23 - August 22),  On this period my only other
task will be to perform a university exam, but it shouldn't
prevent me from working on the project for 40 hours per week.

Background Information

My university courses are essentially on mathematical arguments
however I applied for a course in programming and data structure
and a course in numerical analysis. My informatics and programming
background is due in a large amount to self learning. My interest
for programming in general and C++ in particular is essentially
due to passion for such subjects.

Beyond the GSoC time frame I will concentrate my efforts on
university, anyway I will be always available for fixing potential
bugs of my implementation.

I already applied for GSoC with the LibreOffice organization on
the last year. I implemented an experimental feature: the
possibility to export a whole presentation from Impress in a single
svg document: the exported svg document contains multiple slides
and has support for slide navigation, included a thumbnail based
slide index, and a good amount of basic animation effects. [1]

I applied for GSoC in 2008, too with Inkscape. My project was about
implementing some geometry routines for lib2geom a 2D geometry
library born inside the inkscape organization and that will become
the core geometry library of Inkscape. [2]

In late 2007 I started implementing a multi-signature version of
boost function (boost.overload), indeed it is a thin wrap around
boost function. I never presented it for review, anyway the latest
version of the source code is on the Boost Sandbox, It was a good
meta programming exercise. Documentation and tutorial can be found
at [3].




Project Proposal

The aim of this project is to improve the Impress svg export
filter I started working on the last GSoC. The main goals for
the GSoC time-frame are to add support for slide transitions
and transformation effects by advancing the porting state of
the Impress animation engine from C++ to JavaScript, and to
carry out a new implementation of the text export feature such
that we can provide better support for text search engine and
text animations. In such a way the user get a complete feature
rich presentation in a single svg document that can be displayed
in any enough modern browser.


Week 1, 2, 3
   Task 1 - Porting the part of the Impress animation engine
            responsible for slide transitions and providing
            support at least for the following basic slide
              Wipe up, down, left, right
              Push up, down, left, right
              Fade Through Black
              Fade Smoothly

Week 4, 5
   Task 2 - Implement support for repeated animations
   Task 3 - Implement support for rewinded animations
   Task 4 - Provide the possibility to go backward of one
            single effect.

Week 6, 7
   Buffer - Spread from the GSoC start to the mid-term period

Week 8, 9
   Task 5 - New text export implementation that provides better
            support for text search engines

Week 10, 11
   Task 6 - Provide support for text animations
   Task 7 - Export embedded svg pictures in a transparent way

Week 12, 13
   Buffer - Spread from the mid-term period to the GSoC end.

Optional task:
   Use svg native gradients whenever possible.

-- Marco

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