Android UI work

Jonathan Aquilina eagles051387 at
Mon Apr 2 04:35:02 PDT 2012

On 4/2/12 1:17 PM, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>> So the menu xml file and the single java file would be sufficient to commit
>> to the LO repository, and nothing else?
> The "bin" and "gen" directories should not be in source control.
>> I am not saying a single app, I in a way trying to keep it with an
>> application chooser that would for instance open up the respectily chosen
>> application.
> The user interface of *Android* itself is an app chooser. I am farily
> sure one is not supposed to work around that and have one's own "app
> chooser" app that "opens up" sub-apps.
I think though we could still keep something like this, but when an app 
is chosen, the start center on the device is unloaded, and the 
appropriate app is started therefore eliminating the need for any sub 
applications whats so ever.

> Anyway, before we get so far that we can actually edit (and thus
> create) documents on Android, we intend to make viewer apps, as far as
> I know. So most likely the normal way to start such a viewer would be
> by associating it with a MIME type (or whatever the corresponding
> Android terminology is), so that if one clicks such a document in a
> web browser, it gets downloaded and viewed in the LO-based app.
Would you recommend i revamp the menu to allow for now just open and 
choosing of a file and opening it and displaying it on screen?

>> The menu I did is equivalent to the application chooser on
>> linux mac etc.
> And that is something not needed on Android (or iOS). (In fact,
> personally I think the "Start Centre" (as I think its official name
> is) makes little sense on normal desktop OSes, either, and we keep it
> just because we don't have the courage (or the UX resources) to get
> rid of it...)
> --tml

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