Android UI work

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Apr 2 04:45:38 PDT 2012

> I think though we could still keep something like this, but when an app is
> chosen, the start center on the device is unloaded,

"unloaded", you mean it exits? Android app processes should never exit
by own choice. If you leave an app, it just stays in the background.
It's the OS that then kills the (background) process if it is taking
too much resources.

In general, the application lifecycle on all (relevant) modern
non-desktop OSes is like this, as far as I know. The idea of
applications exiting due to some user action is gone.

> and the appropriate app is started therefore eliminating the need for any sub applications

When I said "sub application" I meant a LO-based text, spreadsheet,
presentation etc app.

 > Would you recommend i revamp the menu to allow for now just open and
> choosing of a file and opening it and displaying it on screen?

I don't think so. I think our viewer apps will be started
automatically by the system thanks to being associated with some MIME
types (or whatever the terminology is).

Do comparable Android apps really have "file choosers"? (I just have
the emulator, which is somewhat painful to use, and no 3rd-party apps.
But at least in the bare OS without any 3rd-party apps I couldn't,
quickly looking, find anything corresponding to a "file explorer"
even. Which is as expected, surely?)

As always, I am open to be convinced otherwise if you show me examples...


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