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Tue Apr 3 02:59:24 PDT 2012

> uhm... i'm not that familiar with drawing layer stuff, but there are 2
> different kinds of images in Writer, one is directly implemented in
> Writer, and the other is from svx/drawing objects (and thus works the
> same way in all applications).  each of these 2 different kinds of
> images has features that the other lacks, so if your plan is to convert
> from one to the other in order to get the ability to rotate then there
> is a real chance that this will break some existing use-case, and i
> don't really think adding this to the default LO UI makes sense.
> the real solution for this would be to add the missing functionality to
> the svx drawing objects and then remove the Writer specific images.
> AFAIK Armin and Oliver-Rainer actually did substantial work in that
> direction in some OOo CWS, but alas they have had to waste their time
> removing features whose license their new employer doesn't like from
> ApacheOO during the last year...

Hi, you are right. The extension which manages to solve this creates a Hidden draw document, copies and pastes the selected picture with a unique name ("Bild_" + actual date), copies it back to Writer, iterates in drawPage searching for the image with the unique name and uses its RotateAngle property to change rotation (because now it has RotateAngle <- effect of the Writer->Draw->Writer copy)

I don't think this is a very pretty solution. For instance my patch added a menuitem to the rightclick menu of the images (which can't be rotated by default), but this is wrong, because if i do this whole Writer->Draw->Writer copy, then the image type changes and the rotate menuitem won't show after first rotation. We can see this behavior by using OpenOffice Toolbox and rotating by x degrees.

So what I want to say, that this whole 'Rotate option in the Right click menu' was a wrong approach. This really requires deeper changes in Writer.

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