[PATCH] [WIP] fdo#45747 - [EasyHack] remove the limitation to 3 sort entries in calc

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 5 02:57:53 PDT 2012

Hey Michael,

thanks for looking into this.

> my fix actually tried to do this for one of them, but i've noticed that
> in table3.cxx there is code that hard-codes sorting related arrays to
> size 3, which crashes when you add back the code that i've commented
> out; at that point i thought this really needs a calc developer to look
> at :)

Oh how ugly. I hope I finally fixed it correctly. I hope that there
are not more places that define the max sort size independently from
the original definition in sortparam.hxx.


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